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Sco 46 basement Sector 11 Panchkula

Securico Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion Alarm system is available in 3 types-

Wired intrusion alarm system is used in under – construction buildings where we can make provision of alarm system during construction phase.

Wireless Intruder alarm system is used for already built buildings where provision of wiring is difficult. the wireless system is completely wireless and it sensors work with cells.

Hybrid Intrusion Alarm System is used in under renovation buildings in which we can attach wired sensors in new building area while we can attach wireless sensors in already built area.

Purpose – The main purpose of Intruder Alarm system is to protect from theft as the system raises alarm in case of intrusion or forced entry in the house and immediately calls you and some of your friends who can help you in case of emergency.

Control Panels


16+1 Zone Control Panel with built in GSM Voice and SMS Dialer, Home Automation System with 8 Appliance Control, Automatic Arming and Disarming, Remote Access through Telephone and Separate 4 Line LCD Remote Key Pad (included). Inbuilt Power Supply.
16 Zone GSM based Control Panel

16+1 Zone GSM based Control Panel


SOLITAIRE – 8 Zone Control Panel

Solitaire – 8 Zone Control Panel and inbuilt 2 Message 30 Number Speech Dialer, Home Automation System with 4 Appliance Control, Automatic Arming & Disarming, Remote Access through Telephone and Separate LCD Remote Key Pad (included).

8 Zone Landline Based contrl Panel

   8 Zone Landline Based control Panel


1. Securico P.I.R. PET IMMUNE MOTION SENSOR – Detection Range 15m, Detection angle 110°, Excellent RFI and EMI Immunity.

Used To detect Movement of human body.

Securico P.I.R

2. Securico MULTI FUNCTION DETECTOR – Detects vibration, breaking of glass, cutting of aluminium frames or grills.

Multifunction detector

Securico Multi Function detector


3. M.C. – Magnetic contact is used at openable doors and windows.

Securico Magnetic contact

4. Panic switches


Panic Switch

Panic Switch